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Join talk show host Mike O'Meara and top Washington journalist and former CNN on-air investigative correspondent Chris Frates as they talk news, analyze politics, and have a little fun.
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Sep 26, 2019

This week features an announcement: It's not goodbye, it's just so long. Plus, a whistle is blown, Trump speaks "wall", and the danger of the erosion of truth.

Sep 12, 2019

This week, Mike and Frates talk about Bolton boltin'. Also, vaping is not wonderful and a debate of ten. Will Mike get his moment? We shall see.

Sep 5, 2019

This week, Mike and Frates break down the peculiarities of Parliament. Plus, our President takes a stab at arts and crafts and we ask, "Where is the counter culture"?

Aug 28, 2019

This week, Mike and Frates discuss some odd theories held by our president and his possible "strong man" fetish. Also, turning the G7 into the G8 and a very interesting take on the presidential polls.

Aug 22, 2019

This week, Donald Trump declares himself the "chosen one". Mike and Chris discuss the possible recession and Trump's reluctance to admit to it. Trump and Denmark have beef. The Fox News Trump administration revolving door and Mike's Democratic candidate flavor of the week.

Jul 24, 2019

This week Mike and Frates unpack the Mueller testimony and offer a critique of the goings-on in the chamber.  Mike is a bit upset, but Chris sees a silver lining and points out a fact that is definitely “not OK”.

Jul 18, 2019

Today, MIke and Frates discuss how to deal with a racist president. Plus, they track the evolution of the GOP and taking pride in the USA.

Jun 27, 2019

This week, Mike and Frates break down debate 1.0 (AKA: the kids table). They discuss the winners, the losers, the audio, and the challenges of live TV. Plus, pinions on Mr Mueller's show and Mike's "issue numero uno".

Jun 20, 2019

This week, Mike and Chris discuss the ramifications of Iran shooting our drone and how much bluster this will merit. Plus, Mike's huge flip flop and how do we fix Joe?

Jun 6, 2019

It's Trump international as the president visits London and France. Plus, Frates explains why Mike should be nervous, diminishing relationships, and how tariff-ic things are in the USA.

May 30, 2019

Mueller speaks... (much to Mike's chagrin)! Plus: Trump VS. BOAT. The side effects of impeachment, and Joe Biden (Oh grandpa!).

May 23, 2019

This week Mike and Frates discuss presidential kabuki theater and why Trump and Pelosi make a great duo. Plus, should we still worry about Iran? Enjoy your stained glass window.

May 16, 2019

This week, all eyes are on Alabama as they legislate women's rights. Plus, rising tensions with Iran Biden leads the pack of one million hopeful candidates. Tune in.

Apr 19, 2019

This week, Mike and Frates discuss the revelations and takeaways from the Mueller report. Also, what "fake news" was real and a bad day for Sarah Sanders.

Apr 11, 2019

Today, we recap the eviction of the world's lousiest house guest: Julian Assange. Plus, Trump administration casualties and survivors, immigration policies, and the biggest bumper sticker ever.

Apr 5, 2019

This week, the Democrats take their lumps. Also, the President and Joe Biden and a strange relationship with the truth. Plus, Chris Frates offers a note of optimism.

Mar 28, 2019

Today, we welcome a new baby. Also, the summary of the Muller Report and a question of language. Plus: Trump loves the battle, thrives when he attacks, and picks a weird way to celebrate a rare political victory.

Mar 14, 2019

This week we discuss the "new normal" in reacting to political scandals. Plus, the Democratic field for 2020 gets even wider, Chris battles Mike on 737s, and Hollywood elites become even worse.

Mar 7, 2019

This week, Mike and Chris talk to former RNC chairman Michael Steele. Plus, what the world might be like if Trump wins reelection. What will the world be like with a Biden presidency? All these questions and more will be answered today!

Feb 28, 2019

Mike and Frates are back to discuss the Michael Cohen hearing. Will we fill the empathy void? Plus, a discussion of what America is hungry for; the answer may surprise you.

Feb 7, 2019

All eyes are on Virginia and the dumpster fire that is the governorship; this week, Mike & Frates break it down. Plus... an analysis of the SOTU (Chris has a secret), a Warren misstep, and Mike learns a word.

Jan 31, 2019

The government is back open for three weeks: will anything change? Plus, Mike has chosen a candidate to back, defining healthcare as a right or a business, and Frates explains why Trump losing would benefit many people.

Jan 24, 2019

As the government furlough continues, Mike and Frates continue to discuss how important it is for it to end. Pelosi gets a win, bullies are confronted, and Chris busts out some William Henry Harrison trivia. Tune in.

Jan 18, 2019

 The government shutdown continues! Will it ever stop? Plus, Mike and Frates discuss political stunting, the return of dignity, and our president, the caterer.

Jan 10, 2019

Mike and Frates are back for 2019! This week, they talk about how "The Art Of The Deal" might need a new artist. Plus: the shutdown, lost mojo, Trump's slumps and bumps, and how does Mike really feel about Elizabeth Warren?